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Welcome to  Tribaldance Denmark!

MONTHLY CLASS: Gypsy Fusion style

DATES:         Class 1
                      Sunday 18/6, 30/7, 13/8

                      Class 2
                      Sunday 10/9, 8/10, 5/11

TIME:           12.00-13.30

PLACE:         KUBE,
                       Dirch Passer Alle 4                
                       2000 Frederiksberg
STUDIO:        Zen2, 3rd floor

PRICE:          Class 1 = 285 DKK
                       Class 2 = 285 DKK
                       Both classes = 500 DK

                      single class /only possible in Class 1 during the summer =
                      120 DKK

PAYMENT:   Jyske Bank

TEACHER:   Dud Muurmand

LEVEL:           basic level- beginners to advanced students welcome,
                           no former knowledge necessary

REGISTRATION: send email to Dud "dudmuurmand@gmail.com" - please indicate: Full name, adress, email, phone.


This is a modern fusion dance inspired by Romani dance from Rajastani, Turkey, folkloric dance from Balkan / Russia as well as bellydance and tribal style elements.

The technical foundation is modern dance / ballet with lots of travel steps, turns, spins and of course skirt work.

Improvisation and dramatic interpretations is also a great amount of this dance, so in class we work freely with small combos and there is room for personal expressions.

The classes will also start with warm-up and yoga-based strenghening. The entire body is worked thru and so is our mind - the highlifted spirit in this dance form will always leave a smile on our faces

For these classes, it is necessary to have a large wide double circle-cut skirt. You can use a 25yard skirt -
Dud will have a few skirts to lend out for the first class, but you must reserve/ask upon registration. For further classes in the future, you will need to get your own skirt.

Also, wear leggings under skirt + bring soft ballet shoes or socks.

English/Danish? We speak Danish, but also English if needed.

  ATS® training:

 Upcoming ATS®  trainings:

KU:BE - room "Zen2", 3rd floor  / "Puls" 1st floor
Dirch Passers Alle 4, 1812 Frederiksberg

 "OPEN LEVEL ATS® technique & flow"

SCHEDULE June/July/Aug, 2017

Sunday       June 25  -10.15-11.30  (ZEN2) - 70 DKK
Wednesday June 28 - 19.00-20.15  (PULS) - 70 DKK
Sunday       July  16 - 10.15-11.15  (PULS) - 60 DKK
Sunday       Aug   6 - 10.30-11.45   (ZEN2) - 70 DKK

PRICE DKK 70 per 75 min class
PRICE DKK 60 for 60 min class

(reduced price if you also attended spring 2017 classes at
Folkeslag evening school = DKK 40/35)

Drop-in welcome
Cash payment on spot
- (no mobilpay)
you may also transfer to bank 6610-0002263341 to be in account latest 3 days before

Tribaldance.dk welcome you in to these open level ATS® classes & drill sessions. They can be a supplement to your regular ATS classes to fine tune your formation skills ... or simply have a fun Sunday dancing ATS®

Especially over the summer time where regular dance classes are out, these open classes can be a good way of staying in shape and tuned in.

We recommend dancing in skirts and with zils, but it is optional.

Classes will be a mix of warm-up technique level 1-3, movement drills and formation drills.

please, notice thesse trainings not for absolute beginners in tribal
You must have basic knowledge of the group format in FCBD ATS system.

In August-September we will offer trial classes (look below) for beginners and in September our beginner classes start in FOLKESLAG evening school.

Your drill leaders for this sessions:
Chairwoman Dud Muurmand
Vicechair Lisa Bugel

Free trial classes in ATS® Tribal Style Bellydance

SUNDAY August 13, 2017
SUNDAY September 3, 2017
both days  10.30-11.30

KU:BE - room "Zen2", 3rd floor
Dirch Passers Alle 4, 1812 Frederiksberg

Tribaldance.dk invites you to a trial class in ATS® and the tribal style genres -  and the opportunity to talk to Dud and Lisa about tribal class options .

WHAT TO BRING: just wear comfortable clothes, socks or soft dance shoes.

NB !
2 different dates, but same introduction on both days
Tribal is for both women and men!
These trial classes are for adults 15+ years

Your hostes / teachers for the day:
Chairwoman Dud Muurmand
Vicechair Lisa Bugel
+ more members of Tribaldance.dk

The event is open and free for everyone
- no registrations needed :)

PS, we might add that this venue KUBE is not the studio for our regular/weekly classes in tribal, it is only the venue for these trial classes. Our weekly classes are held in other places /schools in Brønshøj-Bellahøj area thru FOLKESLAG evening school.


(Tribe of Gaia aka Dud Muurmand and Lisa Bugel  dancing gypsy fusion at KULTURHAVN 2014 / photo Nils Djervad)


From our street jam performance with FOLKESLAG (drums and dance)
 on Winter Solstice December 2016 downtown CPH

Tribal classes

Dud Muurmand
Lisa Bugel
New season start sep 1, 2017

Free trial classes:
Aug 13
Sep 3
KUBE / Zen2


OPEN ATS® FLOW Formation drills

in KUBE, Zen2

June 25
June 28
July 11
Aug 6

PRICE DKK 70/class

(reduced price if you
attend spring classes at
Folkeslag = DKK 40)

Drop-in welcome
Cash payment on spot
no mobilpay


other  classes :

Tribal fusion classes
at  Gasværksvej, CPH

teacher: Dud Muurmand