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Welcome to  Tribaldance Denmark!

This  spring we introduce 2 dance-sundays in KUBE:

  "OPEN ATS® flow & formation drills"

SUNDAY February 26, 2017
Sunday March 26, 2017

10.30-11.45 ATS level 2-3 + vol9

12.00-13.15  ATS level 1

KU:BE - room "Zen2", 3rd floor
Dirch Passers Alle 4, 1812 Frederiksberg

PRICE DKK 60 per drill session

(reduced price if you also attend spring classes at
Folkeslag evening school = DKK 35)

Drop-in welcome
Cash payment on spot - (no mobilpay)
you may also transfer to bank 6610-0002263341 to be in account latest 3 days before

Tribaldance.dk welcome you in to these new drill sessions. they can be a supplement to your regular ATS classes to fine tune your formation skills ... or simply have a fun Sunday
dancing ATS®

The session are not programmed like a regular dance class:
the first 15 minutes the drill leader will introduce the topics of the day
and the rest of the session will be group dancing without too much talk.

We recommend dancing in skirts, but it is optional.

For level 2-3 + vol9
- particpants will be drilled in both leading & following
- we play zils

For level 1
- participants will only be drilled in following
(drill leader will lead all formations)
- zils are optional

For the sessions to run smoothly for everone in the group,
please, only attend the level-drill
you are able to follow, thank you :)

Your drill leader for the day:
Chairwoman Dud Muurmand
Vicechair Lisa Bugel

- no registrations needed :)


(Tribe of Gaia aka Dud Muurmand and Lisa Bugel  dancing gypsy fusion at KULTURHAVN 2014 / photo Nils Djervad)


From our street jam performance with FOLKESLAG (drums and dance)
 on Winter Solstice December 2016 downtown CPH

Tribal classes

Dud Muurmand
Lisa Bugel
Classes start Feb 1 - 2, 2017


OPEN ATS® FLOW Formation drills

in KUBE, Zen2

Sunday Feb 26
10.30-11.45 level 2-3
12.00-13.15 level 1

Sunday March 26
10.30-11.45 level 2-3
12.00-13.15 level 1

PRICE DKK 60/class

(reduced price if you
attend spring classes at
Folkeslag = DKK 35)

Drop-in welcome
Cash payment on spot
no mobilpay


other  classes spring 2017:

Tribal fusion classes
at  Gasværksvej, CPH

teacher: Dud Muurmand
classes start January 9, Feb 20, April 3  2017
(no beginners, only interm + adv)