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American Tribal Style ® + Tribal Fusion

 In these BASIC classes we will work on movement technique, vocabolary and formations of the ATS® format (FatChanceBellydance®) as well as basic Tribal Fusion technique
We warm up with yoga and strengthening exercise, go into technique work & drills  -  and we end working in group formations, from the ATS format. Level will be differentiated to accomodate different levels of dancers

LEVEL: BASIC   These classes are for a beginner level - also continued beginners.  (adv students welcome but we keep the teaching phase for beginners)

SATURDAY classes - TRIBAL  Basic:
(please notice, we had a change in dates - january 26 was cancelled and Feb 2 was added

DATES:         Jan 12, Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23, Apr 6, Apr 27, May 11, May 25,
TIME:           14.45 - 16.15
PRICE:          Drop-in for 1 single Sunday is 120 DKK /clip card  5x  450 DKK   (expires May 25, 2019)
                      ALL 10 classes 700 DKK
PAYMENT:   Tribaldance account
                        DANSKE BANK reg.nr 9570 konto 12729480
                        **  write "BASIC+ your name" in text

VENUE:         KU.BE, Dirch Passers Alle 4, 2000 Frederiksberg
STUDIO:        ZEN2  (3rd floor)

Teacher:         Dud Muurmand
Language:      We speak Danish & English


 pic:  Skirt Fusion students  in our Sunday classes  (KUBE - Zen2 studio)

SKIRT FUSION is not to be confused with "ATS", firstly:  it does not have group formations and cued moves. The Skirt Fusion style naturally will have some similar moves to tribal as they build on the same cultural dance heritage in inspiration, but in Skirt Fusion we dance "improvisational" in a more expressive and fluent flow. Dance can be choreographed or semi-choreographed.

SKIRT FUSION is a modern interpretation of a mix of Romani dance styles - Indian/ Rajasthan style, Balkan styles, Russian folklore, Flamenco, Turkish Romani and more. A very big focus in this stylization is the skirt work and the dramatic expression. The technical foundation that we also work a lot on is jazz /ballet inspired with lots of turns, spins, intricate footwork and high lifted torso /arms. We work on flat feet (no shoes with heel, but recommended is socks or soft ballet shoes)

SKIRT FUSION weekly classes are taking a break in the spring 2019, but we might do a workshop - stay tuned.

********************PAYMENT & TERMS **********************

For all of our classes you can "drop-in" - payment can be done cash or by paying to our account 3 days before (NB we do not have mobilpay)

CLASS cards - please note how long your card is valid for, we do not offer refund for unused clips or expired cards.                 

Tribal classes

Dud Muurmand

New season start 
January 30, 2019