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Welcome to  Tribaldance Denmark!

We are very happy you found our site!
Please look around to see all our activities within our Copenhagen community for Tribal Style dancing.

"Tribal Style" dancing is not just one style - we dance both American Tribal Style® (ATS®), Gypsy Fusion, Tribal Fusion and many more. The main key: we like dancing together.

Most of our Tribaldance.dk classes runs weekly or monthly/weekends in our community studio at KU.BE, Dirck Passer Alle 4, 2000 Frederiksberg - but we also have occassional events / workshops in other places.

On top of this, we are now in our 5th year of colaboration with the evening school FOLKESLAG on tribal style classes in Copenhagen (Bellahøj School) - please check www. folkeslag.org

From our street jam performance with FOLKESLAG (drums and dance)
 on Winter Solstice December 2016 downtown CPH

Tribal classes

Dud Muurmand

New season start late January 2018


  More TRIBAL classes :

Tribal fusion classes
at  Gasværksvej, CPH

teacher: Dud Muurmand